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A Small Example of Why We Are So Well-Trusted and Respected

"In what turned out to be a wise business decision, our organization established a relationship with Entel-Audits (EA) that consequently produced over $800,000 in savings/refunds...  ...EA has also assisted our engineering firm in planning future infrastructure expansions. Their expertise ensures us that our utility cost, for these projects, will be structured in the most economical means possible and will reduce the probability of future errors...  ...Being a high profile motorsports event, we pride ourselves in contracting with the most preeminent companies to support our operations and partner with us. Therefore, our vetting of this company was exhaustive and the consequence of this process, as well as our resulting experience with EA, clearly indicates that this company is superlative in this field."

- Richmond International Raceway (NASCAR)
(Richmond, VA)

"(EA) detected billing discrepancies, via rate anomalies, on our main electric accounts... (EA) showed that we had been overbilled approximately $260,000.00 (these errors occurred not once but on two separate occasions)...(EA) was able to obtain a refund for us in this amount. These errors also resulted in future savings of approximately $105,000.00 per year."

-Trammell Crow Company
(Collins Technology Park - Dallas, TX)

"... thank you for the superb results your company achieved on our utility audit...the Daily Press will save approximately $70,000.00/year on our electric account. Your follow up support, provided over the past two years, into load profiling and distribution scheme analysis, has saved our organization an enormous amount of time and expense."

- Daily Press (The Tribune Company)
(Newport News, VA)

"(EA) has conducted audits for most of the facilities in our portfolio. The results have been extraordinary with savings of over $2.5 million on our electric, water/sewer, and gas accounts. Their expertise ...has enabled them to be highly successful in reducing our overall utility budget in a broad arena."

- Faison

"Volvo takes this opportunity to express our appreciation for the brilliant job your company rendered in auditing Volvo's (accounts)......Volvo received over $100,000 in refunds and over $262,000.00 a year in savings...In addition, we will receive substantial electrical savings per year at our Virginia headquarters and Georgia plant and anticipate savings at our Tennessee plant."

- Volvo Penta (Volvo of North America)
(Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, etc.)

"... We were impressed at your company's ability to identify significant savings on our electric and natural gas accounts. The cost savings on our electric accounts, over a two year period, is projected at approximately $70,000.00 with an additional $36,814.00 in refunds already realized. Projected savings on our natural gas accounts, over a two year period, are anticipated at $31,622.00. Total savings and refunds .............projected at $138,436.00...............We appreciate your ongoing support in monitoring our accounts and making recommendations (particularly in regard market purchases). (EA's) Energy Market Update, which keeps us abreast of market conditions in the energy industry, has proved invaluable."

- Harbor Group International

"...Savings on our natural gas accounts are estimated at $70,000.00. In addition, electric errors were discovered, due to distribution scheme anomalies that have cost us an estimated $365,409.60... ...with a continual annual expense of $73,081.92... ...Your company's assistance with this complex issue has been superb."

- The National Conference Center (Aramark)
(Lansdowne, VA)

"(EA) detected billing discrepancies..............on our main electric account. By focusing on these anomalies in relation to our distribution scheme, (EA) showed that we are paying approximately $250,000 per year more than we should... ...In addition, (EA) detected numerous errors on our accounts. All of the errors produced refunds... ...(EA) was very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. Therefore, we highly recommend (EA's) services to anyone interested in streamlining their expenses."

- ICI/Dupont

NOTE: More Reference Letters Available Upon Request.

High Profile Client List Includes Newport News Shipbuilding, Alcoa, Hollister, Mitsubishi, Black & Decker, CB Richard Ellis, etc.