"Long Term Relationships" and "Value Added Services"

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Long-Term Relationships

EA seeks long-term relationships that build a foundation upon which your facilities can rely for professional advice. The knowledge we impart on your personnel, as well as our continual support, is an integral part of the value we provide.  
"EA's Superior Quality - Mandated And Achieved Through Long-Term Relationships - will focus on quality rather than quantity.  Our mandate provides a level of thoroughness that enhances the probability of remuneration for our clients. Therefore, with our services in high demand, this mandate provides our clients with an assurance of unequivocal quality. As an intended consequence, our firm strives to establish long-term relationships with our clients. This quality over quantity formula has created great success for our company and accounts for our longevity." 
- EA Power Solutions


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Value Added Services

We educate your company on the intricacies of the energy industry including industry terminology and procedures, operations, and specific tactics used in transacting business with energy and commodity brokers/suppliers. This knowledge saves your company time and money.
Our engineers will provide long-term consulting services (at no charge) to include (but not limited to) installation of new infrastructure, equipment upgrades, and advice on new programs offered by energy companies.  In addition, we will introduce you to high-level contacts, within your energy companies, as we proceed with our analysis.  These are not standard customer service representatives but engineers and executives who have the ability to expedite the above mentioned task more efficiently.
Our engineers will identify areas where energy conservation steps may be beneficial. Although we do not provide energy conservation equipment, we will identify these areas and submit a recommendation on how to tackle these findings.
Structure your facilities to maximize savings in your current environment and to provide leverage in obtaining competitive pricing in Customer Choice markets.
Provide twelve (12) month budget estimates of your energy accounts.
Periodically release energy reports that keep our clients abreast of changing conditions (global, national and local) in the energy markets. These informative reports assist our clients in proactively budgeting for impending increases or decreases in energy costs and alerts them to energy conservation opportunities.
EA's "Value Added Services" - Guarantees Value 
EA's success and longevity, over the past 29 years, is not solely defined by savings and refunds obtained for its clients, but also by "value added services". Regardless of the remunerating effects of our service, this secondary element guarantees our clients value (not just in the short term, but the long-term). This essential feature has contributed significantly to our company’s achievements and is what sets us apart.
- EA Power Solutions