"Who We Are" & "Specialization"

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Who We Are

As an energy manager, consultant, and broker EA concentrates on five areas: Electricity, Natural Gas/Fuels, and Water/Sewer.  We ensure that your energy bills are accurate, advise you of lower cost alternatives, analyze your distribution scheme, obtain refunds or credits for anomalies that occur on your energy accounts and assist you in managing these energy assets.
EA continuously engages in advocacy issues that have long-term effects on our client's energy expenditures. These efforts include advocating for fair and equitable utility rates, competitive energy markets, government policy changes, public awareness, and perception, etc.
EA Power Solutions is also an energy broker that provides procurement support and, based on our extensive knowledge of energy markets, develops comprehensive strategies in the acquisition of these commodities. In addition, we educate our clients in energy management procedures and teach them how to conduct internal audits of their energy assets. In regulated markets, we work strictly on a contingency basis and in deregulated markets are compensated primarily through suppliers. As a consequent (and in light of our value-added services), our services will definitively provide value to your company. If you currently have a department that provides this detailed service then we can, with an outside view, offer a valuable supplemental service to these existing energy-related services or departments.
"A survey conducted by the House Ways and Means Committee illustrated that utility companies overbilled $19 billion in energy charges on incorrect taxes alone. These same utilities are so rich with cash that they are buying such businesses as golf courses, recording studios, and even a drug store chain." 
- Former Rep. Robert T. Matsui (D. - CA) House Ways & Means Committee
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Through our analysis, we will explore ways to reduce your energy expenditures and will guarantee that your company receives all the incentives and concessions to which it is entitled. We will maximize these savings by way of distribution scheme analysis, negotiated settlements, engineering studies, billing analysis, procurement consulting, etc. Since we concentrate on "cost per unit", all savings are tangible and go straight to your company’s bottom line.
Our staff will analyze your energy accounts (including distribution scheme) in search of past and current anomalies. We will then work with your energy companies to obtain refunds or credits for these anomalies. Please note that the level of skill required of our engineers and energy consultants is uncompromising and unequaled in this specialized field.
"Rather than getting better as a result of computerization, utility bills seem to be getting worse. They are indecipherable, lack itemization, contain inflated or phony charges, and cost customers billions of dollars a year" 
- Ralph Nader