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Services Overview

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Who We Are

As an energy manager, consultant, and broker EA concentrates on five areas: Electricity, Natural Gas/Fuels, and Water/Sewer. We ensure that your energy accounts are billed accurately, advise you of lower cost alternatives, analyze your distribution scheme, obtain refunds or credits for anomalies that occur on your energy accounts and assist you in managing these assets. 


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Through our analysis, EA will explore ways to reduce your energy expenditures and will guarantee that your company receives all the incentives and concessions to which it is entitled. We will maximize these savings by way of distribution scheme analysis, negotiated settlements, engineering studies, billing analysis, procurement consulting, etc. Since we concentrate on "cost per unit", all savings are tangible and go straight to your company’s bottom line.




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Engineering Methodology

For over a quarter century EA has developed highly sought after proprietary (copyrighted) software programs that are instrumental in discovering and implementing the millions of dollars in refunds and savings achieved for our clients. With these sophisticated computer programs we will conduct a comparative analysis of your energy data and, with the many clients in our database, correlate your cost with those of others whose usage patterns and operations are similar to yours, but who may be paying less. An engineer will then review this information to decide on the best course of action. This is a key factor in detecting errors and overcharges because it is virtually impossible for any individual company to know another users cost, usage patterns, and operations to compare with their own.
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Procurement & Aggregation

As an energy broker, EA will submit and negotiate offers with electric, natural gas and other fuel suppliers.  These offers will be based on the most economical method to purchase these commodities.  We will provide in-depth explanations of our commodity pricing negotiations.  As a result, your staff will become educated in the intricacies of commodity purchasing strategies and procedures.  The knowledge that we impart on your personnel is in integral part of the value we provide.  


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Long-Term Relationships

EA seeks long-term relationships that build a foundation upon which your facilities can rely for professional advice.  The knowledge that we impart on your personnel, as well as our continual support, is an integral part of the value we provide. 


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Value Added Services

We educate your company on the intricacies of the energy industry including industry terminology and procedures, operations, and specific tactics used in transacting business with energy and commodity brokers/suppliers (within these industries). These tactics save time and money.